About Fntique

An elegant, high quality, best craftsmanship of handmade furniture

Fntique is an American company that is specialized in making handmade furniture that’s inspired by iconic historical eras characterized by unique styles and elegant luxurious designs.

From receiving the order to delivering it, we take every step with absolute precision and craftsmanship to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty as we consider ourselves artists that are not just making furniture but pieces of art.

Hand Made Furniture: At Fntique, products are hand made with hand engraved details & ornaments combining the craftsmanship of Damietta Egypt & inspired from iconic historical eras resulting in utilizing our passion to create unique designs

Elegance: At Fntique every product is made to reflect elegance, chicness, and class which are our quality standards to provide pieces of art that adds a luxurious touch to your home.

Authenticity: Our designs are inspired by French and other historical eras which are known for their woodcrafts and unique designs making every piece of furniture tell a story.

High Quality Materials: We use high quality natural wood that is essential in our craftsmanship to guarantee its durability and to add a chic & classy look to your home.

Since our clients’ satisfaction is key, we are using top-notch materials to guarantee your satisfaction and loyalty as we are not just selling a product, we are building a family.

As a part of our customer care and expansions, we provide wholesale & trade deals at competitive prices. We can also make your dream piece of furniture as we have custom orders to translate your dream vision into reality

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  • Signorelli way, Katy, Texas 77493, USA

  • +1 860 709 2552


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